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New Widgets November 14, 2018

New Widget – Before and After Image Slider

The Before and After Slider widget offers a simple and effective way to show two images in the same frame. Site visitors can manually move the slider to compare both images at once. Application possibilities for the widget are vast!
New Widgets November 6, 2018

New Widget – Facebook Feed

Our Facebook Feed widget provides a great way to add current dynamic content to your site. Updates made to the linked Facebook account will be shown in real time, and visitors to your page can like or share the page without leaving the site. Custom display tabs allow you to display Timeline, Events, Messages, or all three.

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New WireFrames October 24, 2018

New WireFrame – Blanche

Wireframes have been used in website design for many years to act as blueprints or frameworks representing the layout of a website. These layouts are great for designers looking to provide a functional rough draft to clients, and can be re-arranged very quickly as needed. The first Wireframe ever built for Architect is now available for VIP members.

Preview the Blanche Wireframe

New Widgets October 17, 2018

New Widget – Countdown Clock

Our Countdown Clock widgets provide a great way to add some drama to an upcoming event. Choose from a standard text-based display, or a sleek circular display. No matter which way you go, you will find an extensive set of options for fonts, sizing, and color, as well as timing precision down to the second.

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New Widgets October 10, 2018

New Widget – Animations

Our Animations widget is an easy way to add controlled animations to elements on your site. Animation styles include slides, rotations, scaling, skewing and even opacity changes. Scroll options allow you to set the exact scroll position in which to animate elements. An Advanced mode allows you to target existing elements, making this widget entirely compatible with fully completed sites.

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New Widgets October 3, 2018

New Widget – Carousel Slider

This widget offers a slideshow layout that has become extremely popular on the web. The “carousel” layout differs from standard slideshows, showing multiple images at once. Additional visible images keep site visitors engaged in your photos, products, etc. This highly versatile slider is loaded with features and display modes such as linked captions, cover flow, vertical transitions, and full height mode.
New Tutorials September 12, 2018

White Label Tutorial Videos

The first 5 videos in our unbranded editor training series are now available for VIP members. These videos can be downloaded and provided to your clients to streamline your on-boarding and ensure clients are comfortable using the Without Code CMS.

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New Widgets September 8, 2018

New Widget – SuperHero Slider

This highly-requested widget displays a unique slideshow that loads fullscreen on any device. Page content below the full screen slideshow is accessible once you scroll. Features include custom titles, subtitles, and image positioning.

Preview Widget

New Widgets August 29, 2018

New Widget – Vimeo Video Gallery

Display all of your Vimeo videos in one place using our Vimeo Video Gallery. This widget uses a simple and streamlined layout, allowing your video thumbnails to maintain the gallery focus. Video playback takes place in a lightbox, and offers sharing, likes, fullscreen mode, and many other features.

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New Widgets August 22, 2018

New Widget – Tockify Calendar

Display an event calendar on your site with the Tockify integration widget. Calendar features include live sync with Google Calendar, RSVP’s, and extensive styling. Several layout options and sizes allow for convenient placement on new or existing sites.

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New Widgets August 15, 2018
Tabbed Panel Widget

New Widget – Tabbed Panel

Create effective, stylish tabbed panels in Architect with this clever widget. Tabbed panels allow you to display large amounts of text while using categories to stay compact and organized. Extensive customization options allow for full control over styling, including content area images and link text.

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New Widgets August 8, 2018

New Widget – YouTube Video Gallery

Add a video gallery to your site with just a few clicks! Our YouTube Video Gallery allows you to display all of your YouTube videos conveniently in one thumbnail gallery. Customization options offer control of thumbnail arrangement, video playback positioning, gallery styling and more.

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New Themes July 31, 2018

New Theme – OMNI

Our OMNI theme is a premier multi-purpose template that is well suited to a large variety of website themes. As a great demonstration of what’s possible in the Architect site editor, OMNI features video backgrounds, numerous image galleries, a blog, and multiple layout options per page.

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New Widgets July 25, 2018

New Widget – Addthis.com Social Tools

Our AddThis.com widget integrates the most popular and powerful social sharing platform on the web. Easily embed social buttons, follow buttons, or even donation buttons. Utilize extensive customization options and analytic tools at AddThis.com.

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New Widgets July 18, 2018

New Widget – Facebook Photo Albums

Create beautiful image galleries on your website, fed directly from a Facebook business album of your choice. Gallery images are viewed in a lightbox – complete with slideshow controls.

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New Widgets July 11, 2018

New Widget – Text Animations

Animate text on your site using a large selection of animation styles, as well as extensive customization and styling options. Great for headlines!

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New Widgets July 4, 2018

New Widgets – Ecwid Ecommerce Store & Single Product

Create an online store with one of the most powerful Ecommerce platforms on the web: Ecwid. Our Ecwid Store and Single Product widgets make it easy to build a new store, or migrate an existing Ecwid account.

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New Themes July 4, 2018
New Architect Theme

New Themes – Small Business

Our three latest themes focus on small business and range in subject from lawn care, tattoo studio, to personal coach.

NEW WIDGET June 27, 2018

New Widget – Table Connect

Our Table Connect widget displays data tables on your site with ease. As part of our Connect series of widgets, your table content is managed conveniently using Google Sheets, or with a .CSV file.

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New Themes June 26, 2018

New Themes – Landing Pages

3 free new landing page templates are now in your editor, ready to be customized so your clients can collect sign-ups, increase reservations, attract shoppers and more.

New Widget June 19, 2018

New Widget – Dynamic Copyright

Our Dynamic Copyright widget allows you to create a simple copyright notice on your site that is automatically updated each year.

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New Widget June 13, 2018

New Widget – Instagram Feed

Display an Instagram feed directly on your site! Clicking on images opens them in a lightbox with slideshow functionality. Images can also be opened directly on the Instagram website.

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New Widgets June 1, 2018

New Widget – Search Engine Optimization

This pack of 4 widgets enables you to add Google recommend code snippets to your site. Widgets include: Google Tag Manager, Rich Products, Rich Articles and Business Listings.

New Widget May 31, 2018

New Widget – Back to Top Button

The Back to Top Button widget displays a button that when clicked will scroll a user’s browser back to the top of the page. The button can be extensively styled and set to appear when a user scrolls down the page.

Preview Widget

New Widget May 26, 2018

New Widget – FAQ Accordion

The FAQ Accordion widget is perfect for displaying frequently asked questions and answers in a collapsible format.

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New Themes May 25, 2018

New Themes – 5 VIP templates from MuseThemes

We’ve added five new VIP themes to our platform! You’ll recognize many of these themes as our most popular MuseThemes templates ever created.

Preview Themes: Build | Mandate | Pioneer | Artisan | Focus

New Widget May 24, 2018

New Widget – Audio Essentials

The new Audio Essentials widget allows you to embed an MP3 audio track in a website using a simple playback bar. The MP3 file can be uploaded directly to your Architect website for fast loading and smooth playback.

Preview Widget

New Widget May 23, 2018

New Widget – Custom Typography

Our new Custom Type widget gives you the ability to add custom fonts from Google Fonts and Typekit into text blocks within a site. The widget also gives you refined control over letter-spacing (tracking) and line height.

New Theme May 22, 2018

New Theme – Archic

Archic is a new theme available for all Without Code users. Designed with an architecture firm in mind, Archic is a perfect layout for consulting businesses who need to showcase projects.

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New Theme May 21, 2018

New VIP Theme – Method

Our all new Method theme is now available for VIP members. Method features an elegant design that will serve as a great starting point for a multitude of sites.

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Enhancement October 17, 2018

Ecwid Store – Added Button Color Pickers

v1.1: Added color pickers for button color and button text color.

Enhancement October 16, 2018

Text Animations – Updated Delay Setting

v1.1: Updates the “Initial Delay Before Animation (ms)” parameter to to better calculate the delay time entered.

Enhancement October 15, 2018

Animations Widget – Added Linking and Icon Color Selection

v1.1: Added the ability to link any animation element, as well as a color selection option for icons (found in the Design section).

Enhancement October 14, 2018

Navigation Content Editor

The Navigation Content Editor uses “Custom links”, which allow you to choose exactly what links you want to display in a navigation menu. Custom built navigation menus can be placed anywhere on a page. This allows for things like sub-level navigation in sidebars, single pages, or unique footer navigation.

Enhancement October 10, 2018

Connected Data

Ensure consistency and accuracy across your site with Connected Data.All widgets connected to data in the Content Library will always stay updated any time Content Library data is updated, site-wide. For example, if your client changes their logo, a simple update in the Content Library will update all instances of the logo throughout the site with widgets utilizing Connected Data.

Enhancement September 26, 2018

Inner Rows

The Inner Rows feature allows you to create “rows inside rows,” which opens the door to creating highly complex layouts with a wide variety of design opportunities. To get you up and running quickly with this new feature, we’ve built five new sections, available now in Architect. Read more

Enhancement August 20, 2018

Enhanced Shadow Controls

Customize your element shadows with new shadow controls and style enhancements. Edit your shadow color, opacity, direction and type (inner / outer) and add depth to your design!

Enhancement August 12, 2018

21 New Fonts

We’ve added 21 great new fonts, guaranteed to load quickly and display perfectly. The new fonts range from sophisticated to creative to fun, and bring our total available font count to 160!

Enhancement August 4, 2018

Sell on Instagram

Showcase your products in front of millions of potential new customers shopping new products on Instagram using this new Ecommerce feature. Mobile shoppers across 44 countries around the world can shop your products and link directly to your store. An easy way to boost sales, increase traffic, and upsell client sites! Available in 100 product stores (and up).

Enhancement July 31, 2018

Fantastic FAQs

We’ve added a new category to Sections, loaded with several gorgeous pre-styled FAQ’s. Featuring our new Accordion widget, these sections provide great ways to present content-rich information such as Q&A’s, services and events.

Enhancement July 30, 2018

Gradient Picker Now Available

Gradients are now available in the color picker for your buttons, backgrounds and overlays! The gradient control enables you to choose any two colors you like, set the color percentage, and control the gradient direction.

Enhancement July 20, 2018

Template Chooser Categories

The new Architect template chooser categories make it easier for you to select an appropriate template to start your site, as well as shows off our extensive design library to potential customers.

Widget Update June 22, 2018

Dynamic Copyright Update – Version 1.1

Released new version v1.1: Fixed bug with Owner Copyright Text color not changing after owner link is activated.

Enhancement June 19, 2018

Enabled Blog Commenting

The Without Code blog now accepts comments. Please note that all comments are moderated prior to being published, and they may not appear on the site until approved.

Widget Improvement June 8, 2018

Back to Top Widget – Mobile Support

The Back to Top widget was modified to add mobile support. When the widget is used it will disable the default mobile back-to-top button and replace it with the styled version from the widget.

Enhancement June 5, 2018

Site editor now opens in a new window

The Architect site editor now opens in a new window, leaving your Without Code dashboard available for use. This was tricky to implement as most browser pop-up blockers were restricting the window from opening. If your editor is not opening, check your pop-up blocker settings!

Enhancement May 29, 2018

Added ability to duplicate Architect sites

Added the ability to duplicate your Architect sites directly from the Without Code dashboard. To duplicate a site, click the “gear” icon beside each site and select “duplicate.”

Enhancement May 28, 2018

Control sub-user editing permissions

We’ve added the ability to set permissions for sub-user accounts. This means your clients or customers can be restricted to editing only certain areas of the site. Permissions range from full editing control to limited text / photo editing only.

New Features May 22, 2018

Website Builder – GDPR Improvements

The Architect builder has been updated with enhanced options to help your sites and your clients’ sites to comply with GDPR including a new privacy page, cookie notifications, and improved form options.

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Website Launch May 21, 2018

WOCode.com website launch!

After an extensive beta and testing period, the Without Code site officially launched!

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