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$7.50 /month ($90 Billed Annually)
$9.00 /month  
Per Ecommerce Site (USD)
$16.00 /month ($190 Billed Annually, Includes up to 100 Products)
$18.00 /month (Includes up to 100 Products)
Per Ecommerce Pro Site (USD)
$30.00 /month ($360 Billed Annually, Includes up to 2500 Products) Compare ECommerce Features
$32.00 /month (Includes up to 2500 Products) Compare ECommerce Features

Each Published Website Includes:

Worry-Free Hosting Publish your site to a safe, secure and stable server with no technical setup.
Mobile Layouts Customize your site for perfect display on mobile devices.
Blogging Publish blog posts and keep your visitors coming back for more.
Pop Ups Target visitors and collect leads using custom pop ups and notifications.
Multi Language Target international visitors with simple and flexible multi-language options.
SSL Security Build trust by securing your site with an SSL certficate.
Site Analytics Analyze stats about your visitors and how they interact with the website.
Advanced SEO Make sure your site is found with Google recommended SEO features.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much does it cost to use Architect?

Architect is free to try, and you are only required to pay for your site when you publish it live to our hosting servers. Prices for publishing sites can be found above and are billed on a per site basis.

Any domain, no matter where purchased, can be linked up to an Architect hosted website. By adding a single “CNAME” record to your domain DNS file, your domain can be immediately pointed to our servers. This is a simple modification that’s available with all domain providers.

Q: Can I host my site on my own server?

No. This is a feature we are exploring, however, site export is not currently possible. All sites created in Architect must be hosted on our hosting platform.

Q: What is your refund policy?

All monthly hosting purchases can be refunded within seven days. After this period, no refunds will be issued. All annual hosting purchases are final. Once annual hosting is purchased, subscription plans associated with the site cannot be changed until the hosting expiry date.

Q: How many sites can I build and publish?

As many as you want! There are no limits on the number of sites you can publish. We limit trial (unpublished) sites to a maximum of 10 per account. You can request an increase if you require more trial sites.

Q: What is a VIP Membership?

A Without Code VIP Membership gives you access to additional features within the Architect website builder. VIP’s also receive priority support, a private discussion forum, access to and access to a variety of upcoming product releases.

Q: Does the VIP Membership price include Architect publish/hosting costs?

No. Prices for publishing websites are standard for both free and VIP accounts. The VIP level gives you advanced features for the builder, however, your publish price is always the same.

Q: Can I buy a large block of hosted sites at a discounted price?

Yes. For high volume users requiring many sites, we can offer package pricing that includes a set number of hosted sites. The package is billed annually in one single payment. Please note any pre-purchased sites that go unused are non-refundable. Contact us for more info.

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What Customers Are Saying

“I must say, I am very impressed with this new product! Testing out the beta... I used the import images option and I was literally able to recreate my Muse website in less than 1 hour. You guys rock! Great job!”

“I re-built a 27 page website in less than 4 days, while learning how to use the software. Workflow is a lot faster than Muse and not having to install plugins was a huge help.”

“I’m incredibly impressed so far with the capabilities of the beta! Able to do things quickly in W/OCode that took much more time (if at all possible) in Muse. Helps take the guesswork out of where I’m making changes by seeing it apply instantly. Very seamless and fluid work-space.”

“Reminds me how fun it can be to build a website!”

“...I was literally able to recreate my Muse website in less than 1 hour.”

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