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If you have a VIP membership you can add sub-user accounts, giving your clients their own logins and allowing them to edit their websites. You can easily send invitations and define permissions for each user.

To add a sub-user, enter your Dashboard, locate the relevant site, and click on the gear icon; select “Add Sub-User.”


You can then enter a Username and Email for your sub-user.


Define sub-user permissions by clicking on “View/Edit Sub-User Permissions.”


An invitation is not automatically sent to your new sub-user; to alert them of this new account scroll down to your Sub-Users section, locate the relevant user and click on the gear icon. Select “Send Access Link.”


You can edit the standard email and send. Your sub-user will receive a link to activate the account.

Note: they must use their username to login, not their email address.

Email Not Arriving

Wait times for subuser invitations vary and can be inconsistent. If you sent a subuser invitation, but the email has not arrived, you can bypass this by simply doing a password reset here and entering the subuser’s username (not their email address). Then click reset and this will send a password reset/setup email to your subuser immediately.

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