Creating an Account and Logging in

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Creating a New Account

Click the “Join Now” button.


This will bring you to our hosting pricing page, then click “Get Started.”


From here you can either select to become a VIP member or scroll down to continue signing up for a free account. Either selection will bring you to a signup form, which will request some personal info necessary to create your account: name, username (this is your individual ID and can’t be edited in the future), email, and password.


Once this is filled in, click “Sign up” and you will either be prompted to pay if you have selected the VIP membership or your free account will be created. You will then receive a welcome email from us with your login details.


If the system returns an error, this may be because you already created an account with that email address. Try logging in.

If this is still giving you an error, send us an email and we can take a look – [email protected].


Existing Account

If you have already created an account with Without Code, you can click the “Log In” tab and enter your username and password.

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