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Instagram Feed

Display your Instagram photos and videos directly in your website. This social feed uses a customizable gallery format, allowing complete...
  • 0
  • 280

Back to Top Button

The Back to Top Button widget displays a button that when clicked will scroll a user’s browser back to the...
  • 0
  • 247

SEO Widget Pack

Our suite of SEO widgets provide the necessities to take advantage of a wide range of excellent Google search engine...
  • 0
  • 601

Custom Type

This powerful text widget allows for integration of Google Fonts and Adobe’s Typekit fonts. In addition to these massive libraries,...
  • 0
  • 445

FAQ / Accordion

This widget allows for quick and easy creation of FAQ sections. The widget uses an accordion format for displaying questions...
  • 0
  • 259

Audio Essentials

This simple widget allows you to place mp3 audio on your page – great for music, narration, podcasts and more!...
  • 1
  • 155

Dynamic Copyright

Placing this widget on your site creates an always up-to-date copyright for your site. Customization options let you control how...
  • 3
  • 367

RSS Feed

You can add an RSS feed to your website to feature blog posts and content from another source. Note: This...
  • -1
  • 155


You can add a customizable list to your widget to easily organize and show off content. Simply enter the Widget...
  • 0
  • 136


Architect includes a large library of icons that can be easily added to give context to your content. These icons...
  • 0
  • 125

Social Share Buttons

You can add social share buttons to make it easy for your visitors to share your site on Facebook, Twitter,...
  • 0
  • 115

Facebook Like

Add a simple Facebook like button to your site to make it easy for your visitors to like you on...
  • 0
  • 103

Social Icons

Add social icons for all your social media platforms to easily connect site visitors with your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,...
  • 0
  • 111

Twitter Feed

Easily connect your Twitter account and display recent tweets on your website. To add, enter the Widgets library and search...
  • 0
  • 108

Table Connect (beta)

Our Table Connect widget displays data tables on your site with ease. As part of our Connect series of widgets,...
  • 3
  • 536

YouTube/Vimeo Video

Embed YouTube or Vimeo videos from your channel right on your website with the Video widget. To add a video,...
  • 0
  • 159

Facebook Comments

Allow customers to leave comments right on your site through the Facebook platform with the Facebook Comments widget. To add...
  • 0
  • 117

Disqus Commenting

Make it simple for visitors to leave comments or questions on various sections of your site with Disqus. This can...
  • 0
  • 107


Powered by Mapbox, this widget lets you add a map to your website to show off your physical location(s) or...
  • 0
  • 254

Ecwid Ecommerce – Store

Build an extensive online store with the Ecwid Ecommerce widget. Ecwid is one of the most powerful and comprehensive ecommerce...
  • 0
  • 738

Click to Call

Make it easy for visitors to call your business with a simple Click to Call button. This button is especially...
  • 0
  • 142

Adding a Spacer

You can quickly break up content by adding space between elements (text blocks, images, widgets) using the Spacer widget. To...
  • 0
  • 148

Click to Email

Make it easy for visitors and potential customers to email you by adding a simple button. To add this, open...
  • 0
  • 171

PayPal Button

Make it easy for visitors to pay for your products/services or send donations with a PayPal button. Note: in order...
  • 0
  • 179
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