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Copy and Paste

In order to speed up your web design process, you can take advantage of the copy and paste features. To...
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Image Size Guide

In order to deliver faster page speed, Architect automatically optimizes each image loaded to ensure it will look best on...
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Site Backups

Architect makes it easy to save a site backup; this will give you the ability to restore back to an...
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Subuser Accounts

If you have a VIP membership you can add sub-user accounts, giving your clients their own logins and allowing them...
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Preview Links

In your Dashboard, click “Manage Sites.”   This will bring you your sites dashboard, which gives you options for each site:...
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Photo Editor

Architect has a useful Photo Editor that allows you to make significant edits to any image on your site. Use...
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Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts to speed up your design and editing processes in Architect. General Shortcuts Preview: PC: Ctrl+Alt+P...
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Google Analytics

Track your site stats by adding Google Analytics. Simply click the Settings tab in the left section.   Select the...
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Fonts Library

Architect has a selection of fonts built in, and we also have a Custom Type widget that will allow you...
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Site Stats

Your website statistics shows important visitor data, allowing you to analyze and improve your sites. View a basic breakdown of...
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Image Optimization

Optimized images are critical for user experience, site speed, and ultimately search ranking. Unoptimized image will not only affect loading...
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