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Ecwid Ecommerce – Store

Build an extensive online store with the Ecwid Ecommerce widget. Ecwid is one of the most powerful and comprehensive ecommerce...
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Ecommerce: Plan Features

Powered by Ecwid, our built-in store comes with three separate options to meet a variety ecommerce needs: 10 Product Store...
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Ecommerce: App Market

You can use the Ecwid App Market to add features and further customize your built-in ecommerce store. Note: these apps...
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Ecommerce: Page SEO Settings

The ecommerce URLs produced in Architect are SEO friendly and you can customize your SEO for each individual product on...
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Ecommerce: Store Customization

You can customize the function and aesthetic of your store by adding widgets and altering specific sections of the design....
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Ecommerce: Taxes

In order to set the appropriate tax rate for your area, click on the Store section in the left menu...
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Ecommerce: Email Notifications

You can modify email notifications by clicking on the Store section in the left menu and selecting “Manage Store.”  ...
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Ecommerce: Discount Coupons

You can create a customized discount coupon to give to specific customers or share more widely (e.g. through social media)....
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Ecommerce: Shipping

You will be prompted to set up the shipping when you initially setup your store, however, you can update this...
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Ecommerce: Orders

Click on the Store option in the left section, and select “Manage Store.”   Once you enter your store management...
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Ecommerce: Sale Price

You can easily add a discount price to any product in your store. This option allows you to customize the...
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Ecommerce: Inventory Tracking

You can set and track inventory for your store, which will allow you to re-order products and show only products...
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Ecommerce: Products

Add and Edit Products Click on the Store option in the left section, and select “Manage Store.”   Once you...
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Ecommerce: Bulk Actions

The built in store allows you to efficiently import, export, and update products, as well as download customer and sales...
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Ecommerce: Digital Products

You can easily add digital products to your store and customers can purchase them similar to how they purchase regular...
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Ecommerce: Payment Options

When you first set up your online store you will be prompted to add a payment method. You can select...
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